How to ‘Memorialize’ a deceased one's Facebook account

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                                                       Hello Friends!! When your loved one passes away and if he/she is a facebook user then you can convert his account to a " MEMORIALIZE" account just in very simple steps.
                                                        While it isn’t anywhere near as important as burial and financial issues, your departed loved one’s Facebook account needs to be “memorialized” as soon as possible in order to prevent hackers and malicious acquaintances from taking control of the account.


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This is what happens when Facebook memorializes an account: 
1 – The account is locked down to prevent anyone from logging in to it.
2 – No further changes are permitted to the account in regards to settings and such. Also, no friends can be added or removed and no existing content can be removed or altered.
3 – If the privacy settings of the memorialized account allow posting on the account’s Timeline, friends of the deceased can leave messages of tribute on the Timeline. This of course will depend on how the privacy settings were configured at the time the account was memorialized.
4 – Also depending on the account’s privacy settings, anyone who could see the account’s Posts, Comments, Likes and Photos will still be able to see them after the account has been memorialized.
5 – Memorialized accounts no longer show up under “People You May Know” or in Birthday reminders.




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